Our Story

wright creative branding labels graphics

Bill and Tom Wright founded Wright of Thomasville, now known as Wright Creative Branding and Labels, in 1961 on the idea that printing was a creative medium and the belief that


A promise made is a promise kept.


The Wright brothers focused their attention on the home furnishings market, the mattress industry, and the carpet and rug industry.

Today, led by Bill’s sons Greg and Don, the Wright family continues that tradition with expanded markets, including outdoor sports and the food and beverage industry. 

American Made. Globally Recognized.

We are a team of problem solvers, creators, builders, and makers. We take ink, fabric, and paper and turn them into impressive branding solutions that create impact. We utilize our tools and talent and use them to create and make the products that make you shine.

wright creative branding labels graphics
wright creative branding labels graphics
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Our Mission:

To be the leading provider of “graphics to market by” in our chosen market segments by being creative, reliable and competitive.

Our Objectives:

Provide Products and Services of Extraordinary Value to our Customers in:   

Appropriate design executed with sensitivity.     
Consistent quality - Integrity of performance.     
Dependable delivery - Integrity of promise.     
Full understanding of customer needs and creative execution to help them meet their objectives.

Satisfying Work Experience for:     

Our customers in:             
          Effective Contacts, Competitive Pricing, Honesty.
          The people of Wright in:             
                    Informative communication.
                    Challenge to develop skills.
                    Recognition of each individual’s accomplishment and level of craftsmanship. 
                               A. Competitive pay levels.
                               B. Benefits as one contributes to group accomplishments.
                               C. Pay in the most stable and continuing form the company can provide.                                           D. A safe and creative work environment.     

          Our Suppliers:
                    Effective Contacts, Competitive Buying, Honesty.

Sound Continuing Profits:

          To make these objectives possible.
          To measure and control our progress.
          To reward stockholders for their investment in our tools.

In carrying out these objectives we recognize:     

          A responsibility to the community and the environment to the extent it is consistent with the above.
          Company growth only to the extent it is consistent with the above.

Furthermore, that all of the above conform to those principles of:
Community, Honesty, Gratitude, and Grace as they guide our lives.


Good Relationships:

We believe exceptional customer and employee relationships are critical in our core values to grow our business, and we always aim to become a trusted partner of our customers and employees. We have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition through our strong relationships, open and honest communication, competitive pricing and integrity of promise.


The ever-evolving nature of this industry is relentless and only the most determined change with it and grow. At Wright, we embody tenacity––not only in our longevity in the industry but also in what we do, whether it’s creating custom products, running machinery or perfecting our processes. We are challenged every day. And every day, we meet those challenges.


We are a thriving organization built on our restless and fearless ambition to create and deliver new customer value into the marketplace.  Driven to explore possibilities, we act intentionally to challenge the status quo and make Continuous Improvement our daily habit.  We will always be fiercely innovative!


Our relational approach to selling means we spend time with our customers. We understand their unique application requirements, their markets and their challenges, and we strive to create products that solve problems and increase brand awareness.

We Care About:

We care about the people we work with and live near.  We demonstrate this every day by being proud of a job well done, stepping up and owning your part of a problem and a solution, and by showing respect and celebrating the success of our coworkers, our customers, our communities and our products.