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Hi, my name is Kim Cobb, and I want to introduce you to Wright Creative Branding and Labels. We are thrilled to be a new vendor partner with the Board Retailers Association. We are a leading manufacturing and printing company that provides products to help create an exceptional consumer experience in the retail environment.  We create, print, and install retail signage for the surf, skate, ski, and snow industries. Our most popular products and materials for these categories include:  


• Solid, Perforated, and Clear types of vinyl for windows (either interior or exterior)  

• Vinyl banners  

• PVC board and Foam Board 


As a MAJOR SUPPORTING PARTNER with Board Retailers Association, we are happy to provide you with a 20% discount on your first order for Retail signage. This PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT will end June 30, 2023.


Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you. 

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