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ISPA 2024

Booth #1225

Columbus, OH - March 12-14th


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Maximalism, a decor trend that embraces the aesthetic of excess, has been on the rise for a few years. But lately, this "more is more" decor — in combination with a resurgence of vintage wares and thrifting — has exploded in popularity.

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Coastal interior design often incorporates natural elements from scenic beaches and coastlines. The coastal aesthetic also favors a lighter color palette where shades of blue and white mimic the crashing waves of the ocean.

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Above all, casual elegance is meant to be lived in. It’s the perfect style for high-traffic areas like your family room, where you just want to relax. Casual elegance requires a balance. It should look beautiful, but not too sophisticated.

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Retro Fusion means linking vintage and retro home styles with modern materials and styles to create visually a traditional look but with a modern twist.

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